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Hope for the Adoption Journey - Read "Lessons I Learned as an Adopted Daughter" in Print Now!

Dear friends, I am so excited to share the news with you that my book chapter "Lessons I Learned as an Adopted Daughter," is now in print! (You can order it on Amazon HERE).

My chapter is one of over twenty stories in Hope for the Adoption Journey; 28 Stories to Comfort and Encouraged, compiled by Katherine Piper. It has been a privilege and honor to be included in this project. Most of the stories included are from adoptive mothers, but there are a few, like mine, that are from different perspectives in the adoption community. 

My chapter focuses on exactly what the title suggests: lessons I've learned growing up as an adopted daughter and sister to other special-needs siblings. I believe that my parents have raised me with a different perspective on many issues adopted children face, such as: questions of identity, birth family, dealing with trauma and more. It has given me complete freedom from the struggles commonly faced by adopted kids. This freedom, rooted by an identity in Christ alone, has given allowed me to pursue my God-given passions to be a Voice for the Voiceless. 

Started in my junior year, it is incredible to now see the finished book in front of me. A lot of things have happened since then - including the adoption of my two newest sisters and finding my birth family in Russia! As I wrote my chapter, I wanted to provide mothers, families, and other adopted kids a taste of the kinds of things my parents taught me, that have shaped who I am today. These lessons are hard. They take time and effort, patience and prayer. I remind myself of them every day. 

But I also know these lessons are the truth - because Christ is in the center. He is our Healer. Our Creator. Our Abba Father. He can heal our past pain, and gives us strength and joy for the day. As my father, Brian Carpenter, the director of Ting Ministries says, "God's Word is the key." As I've grown, even from the beginning of this book project to now, I've seen how this is true. 

Without God, adoption and the sacrifice that comes with it is too hard. Why would someone sacrifice their own life for someone else, who's not even "their own" by the world's definition?

It's crazy. 
It's God's command. 
The Gospel is a picture of adoption. (Ephesians 1:5).

All the stories in this book are written to encourage anyone who has thought about or been involved in adoption. The stories are real and painful - but also comforting and joyful.

I pray you are encouraged by this book and drawn nearer to God's heart through it.