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Hope for the Adoption Journey - Read "Lessons I Learned as an Adopted Daughter" in Print Now!

Dear friends, I am so excited to share the news with you that my book chapter "Lessons I Learned as an Adopted Daughter," is now in print! (You can order it on Amazon HERE).

My chapter is one of over twenty stories in Hope for the Adoption Journey; 28 Stories to Comfort and Encouraged, compiled by Katherine Piper. It has been a privilege and honor to be included in this project. Most of the stories included are from adoptive mothers, but there are a few, like mine, that are from different perspectives in the adoption community. 
My chapter focuses on exactly what the title suggests: lessons I've learned growing up as an adopted daughter and sister to other special-needs siblings. I believe that my parents have raised me with a different perspective on many issues adopted children face, such as: questions of identity, birth family, dealing with trauma and more. It has given me complete freedom from the struggles commonly faced by adopted kids. This freedom, rooted by an ide…