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A Special Interview - I Talk About Russian Language, Culture, and My Birth Parents - In Russian!

Photo  Maria Sarlayan
Instagram: @mariasarlayan

This week, my Russian Teaching Assistant at Bucknell asked me to take part in a very special project. Maria has been my TA at Bucknell University for two years and not only is she a great teacher, I am glad to say I have a wonderful friend in her as well. Maria wanted to interview me in Russian for her YouTube channel and ask me about my experience as an American student, my process learning Russian, my favorite Russian movies...and why I have a Russian name, if I am American! 

As a part of this video, I had the opportunity to talk about my adoption and my Russian birth parents! This is a unique opportunity, as the video is going to a primarily Russian audience. Though it doesn't have subtitles, I hope you will watch here and then share it!

Whatever the results of this project and my search, my hope is this: 

I want my Russian mom and dad to know that they will always hold a very special place in my heart. I am not angry at them, for giving me up for adoption and I do not blame them for starting new lives without me. In fact, I don't see anything I have to forgive. Even though I have a mild disability that affects my walking, I am an honors student at university. I am learning more Russian every day. I have so many opportunities here in the US.  

If my Russian birth mom and/or dad sees this video, I hope and pray they can be at peace with themselves, if they have wondered at all during these last 20 years, what happened to me. I have wonderful friends and I was adopted by a family (soon with eight sisters!) who loves me. I don't need to ask them questions. I would love to meet them someday, face-to-face, just to thank them for the new life they gave me. I am so grateful to both my American parents and my Russian parents. I love them both!

Мама и папа, если вы читаете это, я хочу, чтобы вы знали, что я люблю вас. У вас есть особое место в моем сердце. Я благодарю вас за решение, которое вы приняли. Я былa усыновлена, и сегодня у меня есть семья и друзья, которые меня любят. У меня нет вопросов, я хочу, чтобы вы ответили. Я не виню вас. Я хочу встретиться с вами, просто чтобы поблагодарить вас. С большой любовью, Саша

Genesis 5:20 "[...] God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.

Maria's Introduction to the Video:
"Знакомьтесь - это моя студентка Саша, которая изучает русский язык уже три годa. На самом деле она из России, но живёт всю жизнь в Америке😉.
Please meet my student Sasha, who has been studying Russian language for three years already. Actually, she is from Russia, but has lived her who life in America. 

Я решила взять у неё интервью, в котором она рассказывает о своих планах и мечтах💫. А также вы узнаете о нашем с ней проекте, в котором я собираюсь ей помочь☺️. Если это сработает, её жизнь сильно изменится, так что, обязательно посмотритe.

I wanted to give her an interview in which she talks about her plans and dreams. And also you will learn about our project, in which I'm going to help her. If it works, her life will change a lot, so it's sure to look.
Давайте покажем Саше немного нашей русской любви, напишите ей несколько добрых слов и поставьте лайк на видео, она очень-очень старалась😍.
Let's show Sasha a little of our Russian love, write her a few kind words and put it on the video, she tried very, very hard."