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500 Red Pockets for Junjun and Aipei

Update: We got our very first red pocket note in already! Don't wait to join the fun!

Hey, everyone! Sasha here, with some friends at Bucknell. Check out the project we are starting, to spread the excitement of Hope (Junjun) and Brittan (Aipei) coming home! It's an easy, quick, and fun way to participate in a Chinese New Year tradition and way to show the girls how many people are glad they are coming home! Ready?
Three Easy Steps:
1. Write a short note
2. Email the note to one of us leading the project (listed on the flyer) OR if you are local, put it in a red pocket yourself and return it to us!
3. Tell your friends and help us reach our goal of 500 pockets by the end of the semester!
That's it!😃 GO!
**Red pockets will become available on Monday, but you can write your note now**

See the flyer for the backstory and this post here.