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500 Red Pockets for Junjun and Aipei

Update: We got our very first red pocket note in already! Don't wait to join the fun! Announcing: 500 RED POCKETS FOR JUNJUN & AIPEI!
Hey, everyone! Sasha here, with some friends at Bucknell. Check out the project we are starting, to spread the excitement of Hope (Junjun) and Brittan (Aipei) coming home! It's an easy, quick, and fun way to participate in a Chinese New Year tradition and way to show the girls how many people are glad they are coming home! Ready? Three Easy Steps: 1. Write a short note
2. Email the note to one of us leading the project (listed on the flyer) OR if you are local, put it in a red pocket yourself and return it to us!
3. Tell your friends and help us reach our goal of 500 pockets by the end of the semester! That's it!😃 GO! **Red pockets will become available on Monday, but you can write your note now**
See the flyer for the backstory and this post here.

Ting Ministries Adoption Update: Guest Post from Adeye Salem

COURAGEOUS FAITH Guest post from our friend and a fellow adoptive mother Adeye Salem. (Click on the heading to go to Adeye's original post on her blog). This original post is also available to view on Ting Ministries here.Thank you, Adeye! ********************************************************************* During the more than ten years that I have had this blog, one of the sweetest blessings for me has been the incredible people who I have met along the way. They’re the families that remind me that a surrendered life is truly the only way to live. They’re the precious families that I have seen choose the road less travelled–and walk it out with so much grace, love and abandonment. Easy? Never! Worth it? Always!  I am so grateful for the families that have always been such a sweet reminder to me that giving God everything that we have and everything that we are is a life I long to live. Several years ago I connected with Stephanie–a fellow adoptive mom who, like us, had opened h…

Ting Ministries: Help Safiya Go to University!

I have a special Ting Ministries update to share with you today! Some of you have been following the story of our TM Pakistani family (see link in Ting Ministries' post below).

Safiya, the oldest daughter in this family, has been praying for the opportunity to continue her higher education and go to university in Pakistan. She wants to be doctor! As a fellow university student, here in the US, I am familiar with the exorbitant costs associated with higher education. At Bucknell, the tuition is upwards of $60, 000 per year. I am thankful for the endowment of the university and scholarship opportunities that have allowed me to pursue my majors in Creative Writing and Russian studies here. 

Safiya did research on different programs in Pakistan to pursue her goal of becoming a doctor. The annual cost is far below standard costs for a liberal arts education here in the US. 

It will only cost Safia $1,700/year or a total of $6,800 to complete the four year program and become a doctor! That…

Song of the Week: Waiting, Not Complaining

Song: "While I'm Waiting"
Singer: John Waller
From: Fireproof, the movie

This week features a song from the movie Fireproof, with Kirk Cameron. Directed and produced by the Kendrick Brothers (Facing the Giants, Courageous) this movie is a family favorite. In short, it tells the story of Caleb and Catherine, a married couple, struggling in their marriage. When divorce seems inevitable, gradually, Caleb's heart for his wife changes. I won't tell you how (though the video gives some spoilers). If you've not seen the film, I recommend it!

This song comes at about the halfway point through the film and while the context is waiting on the Lord to restore Caleb and Catherine's hearts and marriage - it can be applied to all other areas and times of our lives where we are called to wait. My family re-watched this film for the first time in a while recently, where I was reminded of this song. 

I'm waiting I'm waiting on You, Lord And I am hopeful I'm waiting on…

Song of the Week: Raj'een Ya Hawa

Just recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. While I plan on writing about this experience in a separate post, I wanted to share the next edition of Song of the Week!

I heard this week's song, Raj'een Ya Hawa, on my trip to the Holocaust Memorial Museum. in the exhibit dedicated to the ongoing crisis in Syria. The fourth floor of the museum is periodically dedicated to an ongoing genocide or humanitarian crisis. While walking through the exhibit, there was place where this song was sung by a Syrian man undergoing extreme persecution. I was enveloped by the tune with its distinct Middle Eastern style and jotted down the title to research when I got home. 

I was able to find this cover of the song by Lina Sleibi, a Lebanese singer. Her voice with its haunting lilts captured my breath. The freedom of the melody travels with a hint of nostalgia through each verse. Raj'een Ya Hawa is both love song, and a farewell song. Y…