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Song of the Week: А Напоследок, Я Скажу, A Classic Soviet Film (Song and Review)

It's been busy around here since returning from Bulgaria! But as a short Song of the Week feature, I hope you enjoy "А Напоследок, Я Скажу" or, "And as I Leave, I Will Say." It is a lovely song from the classic Soviet film, "A Cruel Romance." The film tells the story of Larissa Dimitrieva, a young woman who falls in love with Sergei Sergeyvich. When she gets engaged to another man who has pursued her for years, will she find love? What will become of Larissa and Sergei's tragic love?
I reccommend this film if you are looking for an introduction into Soviet films, especially if you enjoy historical or period drama pieces. This is just one of several songs throughout, which are all enjoyable. The film also provides an interesting introduction to the subject of Roma culture in the Russian tradition of song and music. It deals with themes of: love and honor, women's independence, and pursuing our desires (and what consequences may follow). Also, it…