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Paddington: Why England's Most Lovable Bear Made Me Cry

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With six little sisters, you are bound to watch lots of movies. American Girl...Peppa Pig...VeggieTales....Madeline. Quite a variety. But one of our favorites is the English classic, Paddington. It is the story of an orphaned bear who comes to London, looking for a family. He's come all the way from darkest Peru and when he meets the Browns...well, it's not an instant happily ever after. 

Paddington gets into lots of lovable accidents and shenanigans, but by the end of the books - and the film - he becomes a part of the Brown family. It takes Mr. Brown the longest to warm up to Paddington, but by the end of the movie, he realizes how much he loves the accident-prone, marmalade-loving bear. 

Henry Brown: "It is true. And when I first met Paddington I wanted nothing to do with him. But my wonderful wife, she opened her heart to him and so did my incredible children and now I have too. It doesn't matter that he comes from the other side of the world or that he is a different species, or that he has a worrying marmalade habit. We love Paddington and that means he is family. And family sticks together."

That declaration may have made me cry. A lot.

You see, Mr. Brown finally realized what adoption is all about.

Now, I've been really blessed to grow up in a family where both parents are equally open to adoption and my family has stepped into each adoption, feeling the Lord's calling. We have seen him orchestrate things - cost, time, travel - in ways only He could. But that doesn't mean adoption isn't hard. 

Some days, there are times when it is tiring. But when you open up your heart to a child, you realize - perhaps you weren't meant to change the child, but maybe they came into your life to change you

Just like Paddington bounded into the Brown's lives and taught Mr. Brown how to live with an enthusiasm for each day.

In adoption, it doesn't matter that a child comes from the other side of the world, or that they are a different race, or ethnicity, or don't speak the same language. 

Just like Paddington, all the way from darkest Peru, is a bear, learning how to live like a Londoner. 

Orphans may come home with behaviors ingrained in them from years of neglect. 

Just like Paddington had to learn his manners. 

When an orphan, when Paddington, comes into your life - through all the laughter, trouble, trauma, and fun - you love them. They are family. And family sticks together.

Paddington and Me