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Song of the Week: Sacrificial Love Through Trauma

Video Credit to Owner

Wow, I forgot how much I loved this drama. Picking a song for this week's installment of Song of the Week and finding this video of Baek Ji Young's song, Even Today, I'm Loving You made me remember why. 
The Story (Mild spoilers below) The Princess's Man is a Korean historical drama, with a sweeping epic feel. It tells the story of Kim Seung-Yoo as the son of a nobleman and Lee Se-Ryung, the daughter of the Grand Prince. Much like a Romeo and Juliet story (with a well-deserved happy ending) the two lovers come from rivaling families. When his family is killed, Seung-Yoo escapes death in-country and is sent aboard a criminal slave ship. When he makes his way back, he's not the same carefree nobleman and tutor his friends and Se-Ryung knew. 
Se-Ryung's position as the daughter of a prince changes as much as Seung-Yoo's standing. Throughout the show, she is royalty eventually becoming the Princess - but her sense of justice and right and wrong…

Going Down This Road: The Priceless Reality of Leaving Normal Behind

Thanks to some great friends, I got the opportunity to see Priceless, the film that was popular last year. It is the story of a man named James who unintentionally gets involved in the lives of two sisters, Antonia and Maria, who are being trafficked across the country. When he realizes what is happening, part of him wants to ignore his part in the atrocity. But a voice keeps calling him back until he can no longer ignore what he must do. James, along with the help of his newfound partner, Dale, an older man hiding a past of his own, set out on a harrowing mission to free the sisters and shut down the trafficking and prostitution in the area. While some plot points of the movie are dramatized for the sake of film, it is based on true events and stories of human trafficking survivors - and this knowledge adds all the more depth to the characters' plight.

Song of the Week: Christmas at Downton and the Hidden History of "O Holy Night"

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I'd share my favorite Christmas carol with you. This was really fun, as I did some research into the fascinating history "O Holy Night." But before that, here's one of my favorite versions of the song. It is from the Christmas at Downton Abbey cd, performed by Julian Ovenden. (You may remember him as Charles Blake, one of Lady Mary's suitors). Enjoy!

The History

The beloved, traditional song "O Holy Night" was originally written in 1847 in France. A parish priest asked a man named Placide Cappeau de Roquemaure, known for his poetry, to write a Christmas poem for mass. A childhood accident had left Roquemaure an amputee, without his right hand. Roquemaure was also not a Christian (in fact, he left the church and eventually became a Socialist). But he was glad to share his talents and so, he wrote "Cantique de Noel" (O Holy Night) while on the road to Paris, imagining the road to Bethlehem. Roquemau…

Paddington: Why England's Most Lovable Bear Made Me Cry

With six little sisters, you are bound to watch lots of movies. American Girl...Peppa Pig...VeggieTales....Madeline. Quite a variety. But one of our favorites is the English classic, Paddington. It is the story of an orphaned bear who comes to London, looking for a family. He's come all the way from darkest Peru and when he meets the Browns...well, it's not an instant happily ever after. 
Paddington gets into lots of lovable accidents and shenanigans, but by the end of the books - and the film - he becomes a part of the Brown family. It takes Mr. Brown the longest to warm up to Paddington, but by the end of the movie, he realizes how much he loves the accident-prone, marmalade-loving bear. 
Henry Brown: "It is true. And when I first met Paddington I wanted nothing to do with him. But my wonderful wife, she opened her heart to him and so did my incredible children and now I have too. It doesn't matter that he comes from the other side of the world or that he is a differe…

Song of the Week: An Adoptee's Reflection on Her Mother's Thoughts

Hi everyone! This week is starting off with a new feature on the blog: the Song of the Week! Those of you who know me know I love to sing! So, once a week, I'll choose a song I heard recently and write about it on the blog. Check out the first featured song below: I'll Give My Life for You.

As a writer, one of my areas of interest is historical fiction. When choosing a book or a movie, I prefer serious, oftentimes sad, stories. While I love my share of rom-coms and happy endings, I think that there is something we can learn from stories of sacrifice and grief. 
I recently discovered the Broadway musical, Miss Saigon. It tells the story of Kim, a young girl who is in Saigon during the Vietnam War. She works as a prostitute to survive and make money and one day, she meets an American GI, Chris. This story does not sugar-coat the reality of war. Content Note: This musical is for mature audiences only. 
There are some lovely songs in this musical score like "The Last Night of th…