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All Blood Looks Red to Me

"All blood looks red to me, so I can't tell. So I don't look at the blood, but at the person."                                                                                                                              ~The King Loves. 

The Question...A common question that often comes up in adoption conversation and a question I've been asked as an adopted child  Don't you want your own children? What about having biological kids?

Even as an adopted child, studying my native language at university, there are times I literally forget I am adopted. It might sound silly, but people often tell my mother and I we look alike, and assume I am her biological daughter.

Now, maybe it's just because I'm Caucasian, like my parents, that I forget. Surely, someone like my sister Ellianna, with her long black hair and Asian features wouldn't be mistaken for a biological child. 

 You should see the surprised expressions on people's faces when they turn around.


Guest Post: Situations Like This

Dear friends, today I am sharing this urgent need from Ting Ministries' partners in Ukraine. There are so many needs in our ministry, let alone the world, but I hope you will read this story and pray for this young family. I don't know if it is because I was adopted from Russia or have a heart for Ukraine, but their plight has been on my mind since I heard about it. Situations like this are how children end up in orphanages - and this family is trying to do all they can to stay together! If you have always wanted to help orphans, but don't know how, this is an emergency and great opportunity to show the love of Jesus.

Guest Post from TM:

Please read this about this urgent need from our Ukrainian partners at Bible Orphan Ministry. Please keep this young family in your prayers and share their story, so we can find help:

Guest Post from BOM:

Hello everybody! We hope everyone has a wonderful day! We have a problem and we need your help and mercy of the Lord Jesus...
Please, meet yo…

Flower Through the Rock

Though this song was originally intended to be a romantic song from a Korean Drama, the moment I heard it... I was amazed how it captured the exact complexities of adoption and orphan care. 

Whether you bonded with your child instantly, 
(did you come to me through the wind?)

or pray and rejoice in every small smile from your child who suffers from years of institutional neglect 
(Even if there is no warm touch or longing look, like a flower that blooms through a rock)

or you remember the faces of children you were not able to bring home.
(But I can’t approach or get farther from you, so I’m just crying).
The children for whom we are waiting to come home and as we wait the love grows 
(I guess it grows on its own I’m talking about my feelings for you)

the tears that come, looking at the photo of your child, on the other side of the world 
(Because I can only look at you)

the pain of knowing you can't change their past of growing up unwanted, neglected..
(Because I can’t touch your hurting pla…

Title-This-Painting Contest (Details Below!)

I am so excited to share this contest with you! Check out this event from Ting Ministries about art for orphans, by orphans! I hope you will consider participating (it's free, easy, and FUN!)

Original Post from Ting MinistriesHere

Question: What do you get when you mix two adopted sisters with a lot of paint?
Answer: Art for Orphans (by orphans!)
Hannah and Ellianna were busy on a sunny afternoon painting! By the end of the day, it was hard to tell which was more paint-covered: the canvas or the girls?!

There are no words needed - look at the joy on their faces. These two sisters were meant for one another. Many adoptive families are often asked: How do you choose your child? After all, there are so many. Our answer? You just KNOW. This was true for Hannah and Ellianna and it is still true for the two girls waiting in China. Please HELP Hope and Brittan by going to and Hannah thank you! They are waiting excitedly for their sisters to come ho…