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Category: Before a Family Was Found

This is a post that I wrote which appears on Ting Ministries.
Imagine being put on a list. You stayed on that list your whole life. Then one day, when it was too late, you were filed away and forgotten. Please look at the photos of all these children. These are children I watched, prayed, and advocated for over several years. Tonight instead of the "At Risk" page, I found them all on the "Aged Out Before a Family Was Found" page. There were even more children I recognized and just didn't share in this post.
There is something wrong with this. With all the people involved in adoption, all the Christians in the world, all those who saw these pictures...these children should have families. Yet, today they will never get the chance to know the love of a family or what it means to belong. I pray, as you read this post tonight, you do not glance over it, think to yourself how sad it is, but then go on with the rest of your life unaffected.
The minute we start thinkin…