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Orphans Aren't Convenient

"As you look upon these images and hear these words, I hope you are filled with a desire to act. I hope the pictures burn into your soul, and you hear the cry of the orphan." (Post from Ransom for Israel).
Orphan care is not picture perfect. Providing 24/7 care to children who can give nothing back is not a hobby. Parenting kids with the baggage of 16 years in an orphanage is not something we do for "fun" or "just because we want to."
It is a command.

James 1:27. Psalm 68:8. Proverbs 31:8-9. The Bible makes it clear that Christians are to care for the orphan. So tonight, as you read this post, I hope you are moved to do something--not sit and wait for someone else. I hope the pictures burn into your soul--and that you cannot live with ignoring the reality outside your door. I pray you hear the cry of the orphan--and that you do not turn away.

Nineteen years ago my parents made the decision to bring me home from Russia. My mom promised she would pour her life …