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Have You Seen?

Have you seen a child dying from lack of food and human contact? I would like to show you the first photos of Hope that I saw...when her life did not matter to anyone around her. I can't until she is safely home as a Carpenter girl. I can show you Lina and Olyvia when they were dying a slow lonely death in Pleven, Bulgaria and Ukraine. You can visit other blogs and see similar stories and photos from such blogs as Maya's Hope, Ransom for Israel and The Blessing of Verity. When you have seen and when you have held a child like Lina and Olyvia you can never be the same. When we saw -how could we turn away. We said yes not knowing the future. We serve a God who holds our future in His hands. His Word tells us to care for the orphan (James 1:27) and to speak up for those who can not speak for themselves ( Proverbs 31: 8-9). When you know Hope's story and Brittan'story - How could we turn away. We have been given so much and their lives matter to God and to us. They are li…

These Two Matter Too

These two matter too...

The Harnish family returned from China with their Annie and Wesley just as we were leaving for our Annie! It is all because of Kelly, a missionary couple, some wheelchairs and God's miracles and timing that we even know of Hope! She had no paperwork and was not even listed to be adopted - she was a life that did not matter but now she has a name and a family racing to bring her home. Orphans lives matter! Show your support by at.least sharing!
God bless each and everyone that hears the cry of the orphan!

Visit the Harnish family YouCaring here: