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SHR, Wang So, and Issues of Orphanhood

A few days ago, I introduced Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. As I mentioned in my first post about this show, it was my first K-drama and it has something for everyone! A historical show with palace intrigue, battles, romance, and more, I immediately captivated by the depth, complexity, and emotions of the characters.

 Yet, this show was made even more meaningful to me as its story lines dealt with issues like orphanhood, attachment, disability.Today, I want to talk about these themes and how they can be applied today. Contains spoilers.

The K-drama focuses on the story of 4th Prince Wang So who eventually becomes Emperor Gwangjong of Goryeo. Hae Soo, a girl from the 21st century travels back in time and gets entangled in the lives of the eight Goryeo princes.

One reason I loved this show (besides the lovely OST) was the story of Wang So and his journey from discarded son to emperor. As I was watching, I started to think about how his past as a disabled, traumatized, abandoned child influenced his …

Introducing Brittan and Hope

Ting Ministries has an exciting announcement! The Carpenter family is heading back to China! Please visit the YouCaring page at:  to learn more about Hope and Brittan. We hope you will join us as we start our journey to Return 2 China! James 1:27
Psalms 82:3

A Stella-r Snow Day

Guest Post from Ting Ministries...

Winter Storm Stella brings...

Lots of snow

No school

Lots of shoveling

Lots of fun and a first for Hannah "Annie"...playing in the snow! 

You decide by the smile if the SNOW was a hit!

The faces of adoption...

Our special-needs dogs from adopted from Ukraine...

Check out Shelter Friend-Ukraine on Facebook to learn how you can help street animals in Ukraine! We have awesome ministry partners there and international adoptions are very welcome.

Happy Snow Day everyone!

Help Send Children to School in the Philippines!

Ting Ministries needs your help in the Philippines! Pictured below: Pastor Mark, our ministry partner, with children that cannot attend school because they have no money...
Help us send them to school! Our precious Avi is from the orphanage where Ting Ministries works through our partners and a huge need to do our work is a van to transport children.

You can help by donating on the page or sending a donation to:
Ting Ministries
904 State Drive
Lebanon , Pa 17042 USA  Please always designate how your gift is to be used in the memo or online. 100% of your donation will be used where you designate (note Paypal takes out 3% fee for online donations). Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless and standing for the orphan and needy.  James 1::27