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Ting Ministries in The Daily Item Newspaper

Front page (of the Local News section) above the fold. Oh, yes. Above the follldd.~ Davey, "Newsies: The Musical"

Ting Ministries wants to move our headquarters to a bigger location...and we need your help!

 Because Ting Ministries is a locally based organization, our family works out of our home and it means wherever we go, the ministry goes. So, a bigger house means multiple benefits: not only more room for my sisters to do therapy and use equipment and more room for more children to come home, it also means added office space and privacy for adoption counseling, both of which are not accomodated in our current location. 

You may remember I set up a fundraiser at Did you know our story appeared in The Daily Item on Christmas Day? Below are pictures of the article While it's no longer a surprise the page is still up and the need is still great! I hope you will take time to check back in on it today. Thank you to all who have been praying, ho…

Cheese in the Trap

Older-child adoption. KDramas. How in the world are these things related? It's all a part of...

Cheese in the Trap. When I started watching this Korean tv show, I never expected it to talk about adoption. Suprisingly, a particular episode dealt with themes such as: older-child adoption, biological and adopted children, trauma and emotional baggage. The events are obviously dramatizised for television and the actions are probably not explicitly intended to make the viewer think about adoption, but there are many adoption-related issues that arise. 
This is the story of Yoo Jung and the Baek siblings, In Ho and In Ha.


We find out through flashbacks that In Ho and his sister were orphaned at a young age and went to live with an abusive aunt for a short time before running away. While living on the street, they ran into Yoo Jung's father, who gradually invited them into his family. Years later, when Yoo Jung is about to go to college, his father surprises all of them, by ask…