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Brian Finds Out about His Christmas Surprise!

My dad found out about the Surprise Home Youcaring on Christmas day. Here's the first minute of his reaction <3 If you're interested in seeing the longer video, contact us at or find Ting Ministries on Facebook! Also, even though it's past Christmas, the YouCaring is still going! Check out the story at

Needle-less to Say...

Last night we chased Daddy out of the house to plan a surprise-- to sing his favorite Christmas song! Forty takes later including: hair pulling, dogs stealing Christmas ornaments, a sister picking her nose through a whole video, a cat bursting through the sign, another sister picking up the sign and hitting us on the head, Avi crying at my singing and Mom trying to snap some Christmas pictures in between... after all that, we finally got one video! Dad came home very curious as to why there were pine needles all over the floor (we had moved the tree and put it back). Needle-less (pun intended) to say, it was a very eventful two hours! Please SHARE this video and to learn about our even bigger surprise to bless my Dad this Christmas, go to:

WPGM Radio Podcast Available!

My radio interview link is now online for listeners! 

Thanks WPGM Radio and Matthew James for spreading the word about the Surprise Home through your podcast! Click here to go to the podcast page and then click on "Surprise Home" to listen. It was a pleasure to share the story a few days ago! After listening, please visit the YouCaring page at to find out more.

Also, be on the lookout for some more updates about the fundraiser, appearing in (again!) in the Milton Standard Journal as well as The Daily Item!

It is my desire through this fundraiser to honor my earthly father, commending him for the quiet strength and humility with which he cares for his family and for following the Lord's calling in his life. I also want to glorify my heavenly Father by sharing His heart for the orphan. All I am today is from Him because as my dad says, "The Lord plucked you out of that orphanage for a reason, Sasha." I hope you will consider helping me…

Guest Post from The Blessing of Verity

From The Blessing of Verity...
Update: A Home for the Carpenters
Within the past few days, Sasha Carpenter has given newspaper, radio and television interviews, all while taking her final exams at Bucknell University.  She has made her parents’ ministry her own, with just as much passion as they have for special needs’ and older child adoption.  She’s not ashamed of her early history as an orphan; her past spurs her on to help other children in dire need, and now she’s raising funds for a suitable home for their family and ministry as a surprise for her dad.  
I’d really like you to see the video of her television interview.  And then would you be willing to take a moment to share it on your social media outlets?  Just copy and paste the link below.  Thank you!
To see the first post about the Surprise Home on The Blessing of Verity, click here.

Hot Off the Presses! Read All About It!

..there's a story behind the story:
Thousands of children, exploited, invisible
Speak up, take a stand, and there's someone to write about it
That's how things get better

Give life's little guys some ink, and when it dries just watch what happens
Those kids will live and breathe right on the page
And once they're center stage, you watch what happens...

~ Watch What Happens, Newsies
Today, these lyrics resounded in my heart as I got another opportunity to share the story of the Surprise Home fundraiser. I spoke with The Standard Journal Newspaper from Milton, PA! This picture made the front page of today's paper:

Thanks to The Standard Journal and Matt Farrand for the chance to speak up and take a stand for the orphan and for being there to write about it! Thanks to you, my sisters and our story are in print, ready to reach others with our story. I can't wait to watch what happens!
Check out a portion of the storyhereand if you haven't already, visit the fundraise…

Breaking News: Daughter Raising Money for Family's New Home

Guess who made an apperance on the local news station today?! Thank you to WNEP 16 News and Nikki Krize for sharing our Surprise Home fundraiser

The following is from the news segment that aired on WNEP earlier this evening, at 5:30 pm. If you want to see the segment as it aired on tv, please go to the video at this link:

BUFFALO TOWNSHIP -- A student at Bucknell University is trying to surprise her father with a very special Christmas present -- a new house! The family has seven adopted children, all with special needs. Sasha Carpenter was adopted from Russia when she was a baby. Since then, her parents adopted six other children. They'd like to adopt two more, but their house is not big enough, so Sasha is working with a realtor and fundraising to give her family a Christmas present they will never forget. Sasha Carpenter is a sophomore at Bucknell University in Lewisburg.…

To the Anonymous Donor...

To the anonymous donor who said the following on my fundraiser tonight: "Very first "blind" donation I've made online. Your family is worth the risk."
Thank you. I am honored and blessed by your words. They mean more to me than perhaps you realize. To know there is someone who sees such worth in my sisters and the work my family is doing when so many do not...To know someone is willing to take a chance when many others seem to look at my fundraiser and think it foolish...May you be blessed as you have blessed the "least of these."(Matthew 25:40). Thank you.

Annie, I Want to Tell You: The Moon Represents My Heart

If you know me, you know I enjoy singing! I have learned many songs in different languages including: Russian, Hebrew, Latin and Italian. A few days ago, I came across this song in Chinese, which made me think of my love for my sister Annie. This post is for her...

You ask me how deeply I love you How much I love you

My affection is real My love is real... The moon represents my heart

You ask me how deeply I love you How much I love you

My feeling does not waver My love does not change... The moon represents my heart

A gentle kiss Is already enough to move my heart

A deep feeling  Has caused me to think of you until now

You ask me how deeply I love you How much I love you

You think about it Go take a look... The moon represents my heart

A gentle kiss Is already enough to move my heart

What Can I Give Him? Part 1: A Home for the Carpenters

Written by our friends at The Blessing of Verity... Every morning, first thing in the morning, Joe and I pray together.  For a long time, one of our earnest requests has been for a more suitable home for Brian and Stephanie Carpenter’s unique family and other ministries. We KNOW Brian and Stephanie, we KNOW their passion for orphans, their trust in the Lord, the love and care they lavish on their girls.  We also KNOW that they are living in a tiny multi-level home, they themselves sleeping on the floor, without sufficient space for all the equipment their girls need…the wheelchairs, walkers, standers. Many of you followed and donated toward Brian and Stephanie’s record-breaking 6 1/2 week Race To China for Annie back in the spring.  They officially adopted her one day shy of her fourteenth birthday and brought her home with full trust in the Lord that He could move them to a home that was more accessible and could accommodate all their girls’ equipment. Their genuine need has been heav…

Plenty Extraordinary

"There's plenty extraordinary going on here, Mr. Simon. But I doubt it's the sort of thing your paper would be interested in." ~George Muller, Veggietales
Did you know, George Muller established 5 orphanages and cared for over 10,000 orphans in his life? Even though George Muller's actions looked foolish to many (caring for so many unwanted children, with seemingly no resources to do so) he continued to trust God. Many times, he did not have breakfast for the children until the last minute. But God always provided, for caring for the orphans is close to His heart.
This morning, as I see the YouCaring still sitting at one donation, I think of this story. I am aware that to many people, what my family is doing looks foolish. But I know God will provide. Is He calling you to help? Only you can answer that question. And while my fundraiser may look foolish in the eyes of the world, I am at peace with it. For I'd rather look foolish to the world than in the eyes …