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Song of the Week: It's Not Easy, But You Must....

Since I did my last post, I have found myself drawn to the music of Rigoletto. I can't remember the last time I  watched the film. Today, I drank up the beauty of the music and lyrics in a deeper way I had not been able to appreciate when I was younger. I used to sing several songs from Rigoletto when I took voice lessons and this morning, Melody Within kept coming to mind. As I sang the lyrics to myself...
Every person you have known,
has a song of their own,
once they open up you'll hear what's there. It's not easy you must listen
with your heart for what lies hidden
There was a melody, locked deep inside of me but now its free,
It found a place embraced by harmony, sweet harmony, Love more than anything,
Teaches our hearts to sing... I realized for the first time how beautifully this song illustrates the orphan. Especially the aging out, teenage orphans. Every orphan, every child, has a song of their own. They may keep their past buried deep inside and do everything the…

A Part of Me is Aching

And if a heart's breaking.
A part of me is aching
To show them how much that I care.
But if no one lets me
Or turns and forgets me, then how,
How can I share?

But when I stand at the door of my dreams
And face a lonely heart calling for me,
I could fill that emptiness within
If that heart would let me in.
Won't someone let me in?
Kurt Bestor is probably more well-known for Prayer of the Children, which is often used to share the need for adoption advocacy and orphan care.

But tonight it is this song, from Rigoletto, that fills my soul until swells with emotion that dances on the edge of overflowing.

Orphans are hurting. Adopted children and teenagers are lost in an swirl of confusion, anger and fear. Their hearts break under the inexpressible pain of neglect and unanswered questions: "Why didn't Mama want me? What's wrong with me?"

A part of me aches to love them, to embrace these children, so like myself and what I could have been. Sometimes I am honored with th…